Friends: Progressively Harder Joey Tribbiani Quiz

Are you a Joey expert?

Friends Joey

Friends has become a cult hit for several generations, receiving a huge number of awards in the field of motion pictures. The project started in 1993 when producers Marta Kauffman and Kevin Bright got together at Warner Bros.

Joey Tribbiani was a fictional character and one of the six main characters in the series. He was an optimistic young man who preferred not to think too much about problems.

While his acting career had many many setbacks over the years, his reputation with the ladies definitely didn't. His famous "How You Doin'" worked on just about everyone. But, despite his acting setbacks, Joey continued to pursue his dream to become a successful and highly paid actor.

Joey also had a very special relationship with food. Nothing could come between him and a good sandwich. Thus, the two biggest passions in Joey’s life were clearly women and food.

Every Friends fan knows how much Joey loved women and food but what about those finer details? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Joey, and see if you can ace a challenge that even Chandler Bing himself couldn't pass.

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of Joey's Stuffed Penguin Pal?


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