Friends: Progressively Harder Mike Hannigan Quiz

How much can you remember about the unofficial seventh friend of the group!

Mike Friends

He’s become such a big modern day movie star it’s easy to forget that Paul Rudd used to be an actor in Friends. Not only that, outside of Janice Litman and Gunther, he’s probably the next most important recurring character in the show. After all, he's the only outsider of the Friends group to marry one of the gang and he was a massive part of the final season as the show came to its memorable and emotional conclusion.

Had Friends continued beyond its 10th season, we certainly would have seen more of the adorable Mike Hannigan, unofficially the seventh friend of the group. But how well do you really remember all things Mike?

Paul Rudd certainly brought his usual level of charm and knowing self-aware humour to the role but don’t let that distract what details you know about the character.

Can you remember what his job was (think about that one for a second, it’s a little harder than you might think!) or what the name of his parents were? Can you even remember who arranged the blind date that brought Mike into Friends in the first place?

As ever, you can find the answers at the end.

1. Which Friends Character Did Mike Date?


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