Friends: Progressively Harder Ross And Rachel Quiz


Friends Rachel And Ross

The bumbling idiot of a father married to a beautiful, killjoy wife. The doomed teenage party that inevitably gets intruded upon. The kids sneaking out of the house only to come back home to a pair of wide-eyed parents. The tropes of sitcoms are as tried and true as any genre, but perhaps no trope has been tried as frequently as the good ol' "will they, won't they" schtick.

The concept is simple: put two characters with incredible chemistry in the same setting, but continuously keep them at either some kind of odds or distance from each other. Essentially, make them magnets that keep going back and forth between pulling closer and pulling apart.

Rachel Green and Ross Geller have to be one of sitcoms greatest pairings to ever come together, step away from the relationship, come back to it, and back off one more time before finally getting back together. It was a wild ride, folks.

To the biggest fans of one of the '90s' biggest "will they, won't they" questions, can you answer these progressively harder Ross and Rachel questions?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Their Child's Name?


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