Friends: Progressively Harder We Were On A Break Quiz

How well do you remember Ross and Rachel's "break"?

Friends Ross We Were On A Break

The one that could have been Insomnia Café, Six Of One or Friends Like Us appeared on screens as simply Friends.

The idea of the show was simple. It depicted everyday problems of New Yorkers and pretty much covered every imaginable life experience: love, dating, friendship, marriage, divorce, parenting and jobs. Welcome to the real world. It sucks, but don’t you worry, you're gonna love it!

As the title of the show, the initial plot also differed from what we have now. Monica and Joey would have been the key couple. Who knows what would have happened to Chandler. Maybe he would have ended up with Janice. Oh My God!

But the real problem of Insomnia Café was that we wouldn't have had the most epic couple of the decade, Ross-Rachel. With their on again, off again relationship, this couple created an alternative romance story. If you watch the show attentively, you will notice that the plot is literally built around the phrase “We were on a break” the founder of which stands by his words until today.

Well let’s see how well you remember the “we were on a break” moments of the show.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Suggested They Take A Break?


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