Friends Quiz: Can You Name EVERY Joey Tribbiani Love Interest?

Friends Trivia: Only the biggest of Friends fans will be able to remember all of Joey's conquests!

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While Friends was the perfect example of an ensemble sitcom, giving equal amounts of time to its core six characters, one person who forever managed to stand out and be a favourite of many a fan, was Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani.

Across Friends’ ten seasons, Joey consistently shined as a highlight of the show, with his loveable idiot persona making him always an entertaining presence. So much so, he was the sole Friends character who was deemed worthy of getting his own spin-off series.

Granted, that ‘Joey’ spin-off only managed to amass two seasons before being scrapped, but that hasn’t stopped fans from holding Joey on a pedestal as their absolute favourite Friends character. Key to the appeal of Joey, of course, was his love of two things – food and women!

Much like Joey ate more than his fair share of pizza throughout Friends’ run, he also found more than his fair share of romance. Be they one-night stands, brief flings or something more, how well do you remember the love life of this Friends mainstay?

Here, there’s a quiz all about Joey’s romantic interests – and only the biggest of Friends fans will be able to remember all of these conquests!

1. Who Is This?


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