Friends Quiz: Can You Remember These Obscure Details?

How many minor details do you remember from Friends?

Friends Milkshakes

Friends, the sitcom about the life of six young New Yorkers went down in history as the most famous television project of the '90s and one of the most successful TV series in the entire history of American television. Throughout 10 years of its broadcast, Friends has become a cultural phenomenon, influencing language, fashion, music, and even the US economy.

Monica's neurosis, Rachel's passion for fashion, Joey's charming stupidity, Chandler's sarcastic jokes, Ross' unhappy love life, Phoebe's eccentricity - each character had their own unique qualities.

Despite the humour and sarcasm for which the series is famous, each episode of Friends ends up with a life lesson. The main one: always rely on your friends. However, the most important life lesson was from Ross, who helped viewers understand that they should NEVER wear leather pants on a first date.

No one imagined that for 10 years the series would be watched by millions of viewers around the world. But, even 15 years after the end of the series, fans remember all the jokes and stellar cameos.

But what about you? How much do you remember weird situations from the show?

1. What Was Joey's Favourite Sandwich?


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