Friends Quiz: Chandler Bing - What's His Next Line?

What’s His Next Line? Friends quotes quiz dedicated to the man also known as Chanandler Bong.

Chandler Friends

Could Matthew Perry really be any more important to Friends?

When focusing solely on the six leading buds this entire hilarious world revolves around, it’s incredibly difficult to look past the one-liner machine that is Matthew Perry's Chandler Bing as the undisputed King of Quotes.

Over 235 episodes and ten epic seasons of the most popular thing on television, he was, quite simply put, THE MAN. Whether he was poking fun at his pals for their own ridiculous antics, trying to talk himself out of an awkward situation involving hand-cuffs, or just letting out his own version of the sound a whip makes when it cracks, this Bing could regularly be called upon to bring the funny in a single phrase or line.

But just how well do you remember the words, phrasings and quotes of Monica Geller’s best Friend turned devoted husband? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by diving head-first into the “What’s His Next Line?” quiz dedicated to the man also known as Chanandler Bong.

Remember to let us know at the end of this Friends quotes quiz just how you got on and check out our other Friends quizzes.

1. I Say More Dumb Things Before 9 A.M...


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