Friends Quiz: Did Chandler, Ross Or Joey Say It?

Will you prove you know Joe, Chandler and Ross better than anyone else? Let's find out!

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Chandler and Ross have known each other since they met in college. Ross even brought his roommate home for Thanksgiving, although Chandler wasn't a fan of the holiday.

As they grew up and Ross got married, Joey moved into Chandler's two bedroom apartment and then an amazing friendship of three began.

Although they aren't the most obvious group of friends the gang of three are there to help each other when times are tough. When Ross had to move out of his apartment, Chandler and Joey gave him a place to stay. Joey would officiate Chandler's wedding whilst Ross bought Joey the big white dog when he lost everything.

Friendships like these three are hard to find.

Joey, Chandler and Ross have said some great things over the course of the 10 seasons of Friends, the question is, can you remember them all?

This contains 12 quotes by Chandler, Ross and Joey and all you need to do is identify who said each one. Only the biggest fans of Friends will be able to identify all of these quotes.

Will you prove you know the guys better than anyone? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. So Why Don’t You Be A Grown-up And Come And Watch Some TV In The Fort?


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