Friends Quiz: Did Joey Say It Or Not?

Think you really know Joey Tribbiani’s best lines and quotes?


Joey Tribbiani stole the hearts of viewers almost immediately, with his dashing looks and sense of child-like wonder.

There were many things that could have gone wrong with the evolution of Joey, but the creative brains behind the characters managed to make him something that had never been seen before in a womaniser - a genuinely nice guy.

Joey’s simplistic outlook on life and lack of intelligence has led to some of the most memorable moments across the whole of Friends memorable run, and made the audience fall even more in love with the cheeky chappy.

Joey’s humour often focuses around his lower IQ and the situations this drops him in, who could forget Joey’s dirty day, or the time he posed in front of the Porsche? Each and every Joey-centric episode is absolute comedy gold.

How well do you really know the most beloved star of Friends? Can you tell Joey Tribbiani’s memorable quotes and one-liners apart from the rest of the Friends group? Prove you know Big Daddy as well as Chandler does.

Answers at the end!

1. “I Wish I Could Do It, But I Don’t Want To”


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