Friends Quiz: Did Rachel Or Monica Do It (Or Both)?

Could they be any better BFF's?


Friends taught us many things – ranging from how not to make an English trifle to how to commit insurance fraud. But it did teach us more serious lessons as well — and it's these lessons that have made the show such a mainstay in popular culture. They taught us about love, loyalty, and friendship (obviously).

The show gave us some of the greatest fictional friendships ever, including the most epic friendship of all time — Monica Geller and Rachel Green. Monica and Rachel were the ultimate dynamic duo setting your #friendshipgoals before hashtags were even a thing. If someone were to write a book on BFFs, Monica and Rachel will surely be on the cover. They showed us a friendship that's worth waiting for. And watching them always reminds us of the love for our bestie.

Even though Rachel and Monica had differences and fought a lot, they add so much to each other's character. Rachel was calm and steady to Monica's crazy, and Monica held Rachel's hand introducing her to the real world. The perfect yin & yang or should I say, Rachel & Monica.

So if you're ready to get nostalgic about the times you've shared with your BFF. Here's a quiz to start your descent.

Can you distinguish these two best Friends based on what they did?

Answers are at the end!

Convinced A Girl To Shave Her Head.


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