Friends Quiz: Did Rachel Or Ross Say It?

Was it Ross or Rachel who said each of these quotes?

Friends Rachel Ross

From the very first episode of Friends, we knew that Ross and Rachel were always going to end up together.

Ross, who had a crush on Rachel since high school, finally asked her if in the future it might be okay if he asked her out. Then, Rachel met Paulo. Forced to wait and see if one day Rachel might turn around and notice he was the right guy for her, Ross decided to take Chandler's advice and move on, meeting Julie on a work trip to China. This happened at the exact moment Rachel worked out that Ross was more than just a friend.

It took some time, a home video and a pros and cons list, but eventually the pair got together; albeit, it didn't last the entire length of the show. Ross and Rachel always were a possibility, and after a race to the airport in the very last episode of Friends, it seemed all was lost. That is, until we finally got the picture-perfect ending we all wanted.

Rachel and Ross knew each other inside out by the time the tenth season of Friends came to an end. The question is, do you know everything about these two?

All you have to do in this quiz, is work out who said each of the following quotes. Let's see if you can answer all 12 correctly!

Answers at the end!

1. I’m Over You. And That, My Friends, Is What You Call Closure.


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