Friends Quiz: During Which Episode Did Joey Tribbiani Say It?

Is it a moo point?

Friends Joey

If there's a formula for the perfect sitcom, it's based on Friends. The subtle interweaving of human relationships, sparkling humour, everyday problems, and simple happiness make you watch episode after episode without interruption.

The endless variety of life situations, the excellent plot, and the individual approach to the characters thanks to the harmonious combination of the cast, all make Friends the standard comedy series. However, a large share of the humour of the entire series falls on Joey Tribbiani.

He is an always-hungry, dim-witted, and loving heart-throb who is a frequenter of auditions for roles in low-budget productions. Joey is somewhat infantile, naive, and unencumbered by high intelligence, yet charming, carefree, and content with his life. His childish tricks, adventures, mischief, and spontaneity are touching, and his unique facial expressions are amazing.

Of all the guys, Mr. Tribbiani is the only one lucky with women and because of that, he has delivered some hilarious one-liners and pick-up lines over the years. And the question we have for the fans today is, how well do you remember those amusing quotes?

Can You guess during which episode these unrealistically quotes were delivered? Let's find out!

1. "Great Story, But I Gotta Go. I Got A Date With Angela... Andrea... Oh, Man!"


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