Friends Quiz: Finish These Joey Tribbiani Quotes

Joey doesn't share quizzes!

Friends Joey

Since its first episode in 1994, Joey has always been a huge favourite amongst Friends fans. Of the six main characters, Joey always seemed to get the most absurd, ridiculous and hilarious lines and stories. The now-iconic Tribbiani has become inspiration for many characters in other shows since, with himself even having a spin-off - which something none of the other Friends crew can say.

Joey Tribbiani is the lazy, hungry, hilarious Italian who generally always has something funny to say in any given situation, even if he doesn't realize it's funny. Played by Matt LeBlanc, the character said some pretty memorable things over Friends' ten-season run, with various phrases of his becoming huge pop culture sayings and being referenced all the time, even to this day.

Considering Friends ended in 2004, it's fair to say that the series and Joey are just as popular now as they've ever been. Even for those born after the show ended, the antics of Joey have still struck a chord and made him a TV highlight.

With that level of popularity, it should go without saying that everyone can finish these memorable - or maybe not so memorable - Joey Tribbiani quotes listed in this quiz, right?

1. “If He Doesn’t Like You, This Is All A ____”


A grown up... allegedly