Friends Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ross Geller?

Will you prove yourself to be the biggest fan of Rossatron? Let's find out!

Friends Ross

When we were first introduced to Ross Geller, his life wasn't going well. He'd just found himself about to become a father for the first time. The trouble is, the mother is his ex-wife who left him for another woman.

Then Rachel Green walks back into his life; his sister's best friend and the girl Ross had a huge crush on in high school.

At first it looked like the pair would never get together. Then, finally an old home video showed Rachel how much Ross had cared for her all these years. Unfortunately things didn't last, when Ross' jealous feelings caused a break and ultimately betrayal.

Fans watched the couple get back together and break-up more times than they could count. Even the pair having a daughter didn't seem to be the catalyst that would cement them. Of course, the last episode finally saw a daring race to the airport which ended with Rachel stepping off the plane and into Ross' arms.

Are you the ultimate fan of Friends? This quiz is set to test even fans who have seen all 236 episodes of the hit show, as we ask you everything about Ross Geller.

Will you prove yourself to be the biggest fan of Rossatron? Let's see if you can answer all 12 of these Ross Geller questions correct!

1. What Was Ross' Son Called?


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