Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Know Chandler Bing?

The one where you score 100% on a Chandler Bing quiz!


The debate over which Friends character is the best seems futile to Bing super-fan's when Chandler exists. Played by Matthew Perry with a dousing of charm, sarcasm and dash of rearranged sentences, the son of a gay drag artist and graphic adult novelist provides a strong portion of the shows funniest moments.

With the middle name 'Muriel' and a tendency to land himself in hilariously bad situations (handcuffed to a set of office drawers half-naked comes to mind), it's no surprise the lovable character has and continues to give us laughs 25 years after he first appeared on our screens.

Whether causing trouble with Joey or demonstrating his questionable abilities as a husband to Monica, it's impossible not to want a friend like Chandler in your life, even if just for the terrible jokes and clumsy timing.

With multiple love interests, a confusing occupation no one seems to know and a remarkably strange childhood, how deep into your memories will you need to dive to remember these facts about the 'King of Bad Thanksgivings'?

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Episodes Did Chandler Not Feature In?






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