Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Know Joey & Chandler's Bromance?

Could there 'BE' anymore awkward hugs?


Forget about Ross and Rachel, the real love story in Friends was Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, a true testament to what a BFF should be. In between all of the memorable moments, ranging from Chandler in a box to Joey's infamous entertainment unit, the lovable pair always show that their friendship is truly unbreakable.

Could you imagine if Chandler had chosen 'the other guy'? Or if Eddie never moved back out? It doesn't even bare thinking about, because Joey and Chandler's Bromance is unlike any other on television.

How well do you really know Joey and Chandler's connection? Do you know the Chan-Chan Man and Joe's relationship better than the other Friends?

1. What Is Joey & Chandler's Favourite TV Show?


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