Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Know Joey Tribbiani's Love Of Food?

"Food. Sex. Food. Sex. I don't know, oh god, I want both!"


Forget Ross and Rachel, forget Chandler and Monica, there was only one true love story in Friends, and that was Joey Tribbiani and his food. Everyone wants their partner to look at them the way Joey looked at a slice of pizza.

Throughout the run of the show, Joey’s obsession with food was always an underlying theme, leading to some of the best moments in the whole series. Who could forget the time he tried to tackle Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey single handed, or when he bizarrely enjoyed Rachel’s mincemeat trifle?

And, after all, who can blame Joey for his enthusiasm towards food? Food is life!

That said, how well do you actually know this modern day Romeo and Juliet story? How well do you know the real love of Joey Tribbiani’s life?

Answers at the end!

1. What Did Joey Say He Can Drink A Gallon Of In 10 Seconds On His Résumé?


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