Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Ladies Of Joey Tribbiani's Life?

Did Joey love anyone as much as Hugsy?


Joey Tribbiani was the ultimate ladies’ man and the resident Casanova on Friends. The confident small-time actor had no trouble hitting it off with pretty much any woman he laid eyes on.

Although Joey’s relationships normally lasted until breakfast the next day, there have been a few occasions where he has fallen in much deeper than his normal causal dating routine allowed, leading to something more serious.

Despite Joey’s approach to his relationships, he never came across as a jerk. He always wore his heart on his sleeve and treated his girlfriend’s right – let’s forget about the wooden leg.

How well do you remember the ladies in Joey Tribbiani’s life?

Answers at the end!

1. When Joey Dated Hayley, Why Did He Recognise Her Apartment?


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