Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember Gunther?

How well do you remember Friends' resident coffee house manager?

Friends Gunther

Not many TV characters have had such little lines and storyline impact, and yet such a massive impression on fans, as Friends' Gunther. Thanks to some eccentric shirts, colourful ties and memorable one-liners, Gunther excelled beyond his initial nameless and silent season one character, into a classic secondary one in which Friends became so good at creating.

Appearing often, thanks to the Friends' habit of meeting at the Central Perk coffee house, the lovable barista remained a mainstay in the show's character list in every season. From an authoritarian demeanour around Ross, Joey and Chandler, to shy and awkward mannerisms around the girls, we really experienced the different sides of the manager, despite his backseat role in the series. Ultimately, a love for coffee equals a love for Gunther and his unique bleached blonde locks!

With an obsessive love for one main character, countless coffee's made and served and numerous failed attempts to break into the famous sextet, how hard is it to remember the details on the sitcom's coffee house manager? With that being said, in this quiz, test how well you know Gunther!

1. Who Portrays Gunther In The Show?


Harvey Leonard hasn't written a bio just yet, but if they had... it would appear here.