Friends Quiz: Joey And Chandler - True Or False?

The two best friends that know how to rock a bromance!


Over the decade that Friends dominated television and all other sitcoms, it gave us so many memories to cherish. There were countless hilarious moments we will never forget like Ross trying to get a spray tan or Danny DeVito appearing as a stripper for Phoebe's party.

A major theme in Friends that so many memorable incidents have came from is relationships. In a show about young people living in New York it is inevitable that romantic involvement will happen. The notorious back and forth between Ross and Rachel is so famous people that haven't even seen the show probably get it when you say "WE WERE ON A BREAK!"

However another relationship between two characters is just as beloved, although not romantic. This is the bromance that blossomed between Joey and Chandler. These guys are not just room mates, but best friends that set the bench mark for friendship across the world.

But how well do you know their bromance? Can you tell if the following statements are true or false?

Answers are at the end!

1. They Bought Each Other Bracelets.


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