Friends Quiz: Joey Tribbiani – What’s His Next Line?

Can you remember what line Joey Tribbiani said next in this impossible Friends quotes quiz!

joey friends

Friends is likely the most rewatchable TV show of all time. And a key part of what makes this beloved sitcom such an easy series to revisit, is the continuously engaging, entertaining antics of Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani.

Obviously Friends had six brilliant characters anchoring it across its ten-year run, yet it’s fair to say that Joey was the one who brought the most chuckles to our TV screens.

Granted, he was very much an idiot, but Joey was our idiot, and he was a loveable idiot at that. With food and romance seemingly the only two things that usually went through his head, LeBlanc’s Tribbiani was laser-focussed on the things that made him tick.

Of course, there’s far more to Joey than just his famed “how you doin’?” catchphrase, and this is a character who had plentiful memorable lines across Friends’ mammoth ten seasons. In fact, so popular was Joey, he was the one and only ‘friend’ chosen to get his own spin-off series.

With all of this in mind, then, here are a whole host of famous Joey quotes – all you have to do is correctly finish the quotes in question!

1. “Joey Doesn’t Share ____.”


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