Friends Quiz: Let’s Play Bamboozled & The Apartment Swap Quiz

How well do you really remember these iconic Friends quizzes?


Friends oozes with iconic scenes and memorable moments, and two of the very best just so happen to be quizzes. Joey’s rehearsal for Bamboozled and the face-off between Joey, Chandler, Monica and Rachel for the bigger apartment are stand out moments in the shows ten year stretch.

Bamboozled introduced a set of rules so obscure that Joey couldn’t get his head around them in advance of his audition, so enlisted the help of the unsuspecting Ross and Chandler. Just the thought of Joey being a host on a quiz show is hilarious in its own right. The quiz rules are ambiguous and seemingly nonsensical, but that doesn’t stop the boys fully investing in spinning the Wheel of Mayhem to climb the Ladder of Chance.

The Apartment Quiz delves into the interpersonal knowledge of Joey, Chandler, Rachel and Monica, hosted by Ross - who takes his opportunity to shine in the spotlight with both hands.

The episode serves as one of the smartest produced, and the balance of the apartment came to something as simple as Chandler’s job title - really think you’re a super-fan?

This quiz will faithfully recreate the questions asked in these two iconic quizzes - firstly taking on the general knowledge questions of Bamboozled and then straight into the character based trivia of the Apartment Quiz.

Can you find a way to the Rainbow Circle and catch the Golden Monkey? Are you smart enough to win Monica’s apartment?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Capital Of Columbia?


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