Friends Quiz: Match The Lie To The Liar - Joey, Ross Or Chandler?

Before you lie about lying about lying about lying about lying... stop lying.

Friends Joey Ross Chandler

Boys and girls lie for different reasons. Usually girls lie about their age or previous relationships, and boys lie to appear more masculine and desirable. However, in case of the famous characters of the sitcom Friends, one simply lies to remain married or to date multiple women or refrain from hurting friends or loved ones.

The philosophy of Marta Kaufmann and David Craig was to show the audience that true friends and lovers can overcome everything, even betrayals and lies. If Joey and Chandler remained friends after Chandler fooled around with Joey's sister or after he kissed Kathy behind Joey's back, whatever your friend did to you, give them a second chance. Be like Joey. Always remember - the lies are part of our lives. We all lie, except for Phoebe, who always tells the truth and makes the best oatmeal cookies.

So, let's see how well you remember the ugly and white lies that Ross, Joey and Chandler made up. Will you fall for these lies or are you a human lie detector. Pass this quiz and find out.

Answers at the end!

1. I Have Feelings For Mary Angela


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