Friends Quiz: Match These Monica Scenes To The Episode

Can you guess the episode from just one image?

Friends Monica Rachel

One of the most hot-tempered members of the very well known sitcom Friends has to be Monica Geller.

Monica was considered an incredibly devoted sister to her brother Ross and a true friend to the rest of the gang. She always cared about her friends and family, was always kind and rational, and was always the right person to turn to when things seem desperate.

Fans loved watching her go through life, from her career in the food industry to her pursuit to find true love. Yet at a young age Monica had many difficulties. She was overweight which affected her greatly. Along with this emotional burden, her parents always condemned her and always favoured her brother above her. Monica therefore always had a great desire and a need to prove herself.

As a self-proclaimed fan of cleanliness, Monica never settled for anything less than absolute perfection - from labeled coffee mugs to toilet paper tips, Monica's determined and over-the-top story for her good eventually led her to fall in love with Chandler and marry him.

For now let's remember these hilarious Monica scenes and guess the episode from just one image.

1. Guess The Episode.


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