Friends Quiz: Only A Super Fan Can Fill In The Gaps Of These Chandler Bing Quotes

Could this BE any more difficult?!

Friends Chandler And Janice

Oh Chandler. For so many of us, he is the sarcastic glue that kept the Friends ticking along. For most of the 90s, Chandler Bing was the witty god of television and, almost 20 years later, not much has changed. Very few actors have encapsulated the cheeky, yet endearing nature of this iconic character, making Matthew Perry's portrayal of Chandler one of the funniest TV characters in history.

During the 10 seasons of Friends, Mr. Bing managed to get himself into so many hilarious scrapes and, without fail, would have a comment or two on hand to make a funny situation even more side-splitting. This quiz will test just how well you remember those iconic comments and test your Chandler knowledge to the limits. Sure, there have been other Chandler quizzes and you've probably scored OK in those, but this one will have you scratching your head and reaching into the deep memory banks of your mind.

So, if you feel up to the challenge of being able to fill in the gaps of some of Chandler's most famous quotes, then please, scroll on down and see what you're made of!

Answers at the end!

1. "No, You Didn't Get Me! It's An _______ You Get Me, You Kill Me!"


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