Friends Quiz: Only A Super Fan Can Fill In The Gaps Of These Monica Geller Quotes

Scream "I KNOW!" for every answer you can get right on this impossible Monica Friends quotes quiz.

Monica Geller Friends

When it comes to highly quotable TV series, few shows hold a candle to the regularly repeated juggernaut that is Friends.

Bolstered by an ensemble of main characters all equipped with the potential to bring the house down with any given utterance, not an episode went by without an hilarious moment or collection of side-splitting exchanges being permanently seared into your memory against your own will.

Of the six leading lights calling Central Perk their go-to coffee spot, though, there’s an argument to be made that one particular pal stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of iconic dialogue. We’re talking of course about the bottomless pit of neurotic outbursts that is Monica Geller.

Over the course of ten legendary seasons, Ross’ sister, AKA the ‘Mother Hen’ of the unit, went from underpaid chef to top of the food chain at Javu, all while navigating various romances with the likes of Pete Becker, Richard Burke, and, of course, the one and only Chanandler Bong.

But just how well do you remember the many priceless quips, comebacks, and bombshells that have tumbled out of the highly competitive Geller’s mouth?

Take our absolute hardest Monica Geller fill in the gaps quotes quiz and scream "I KNOW!" for every answer you can get right.

1. “If You’re Too Afraid To Be In A ____ , Then Don’t Be In One.”


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