Friends Quiz: Rachel, Monica And Phoebe - True Or False

How well do you really know Rachel, Monica and Phoebe?


How much do you know about the females of the most popular sitcom in television history?

Twenty-five years on and we are still totally obsessed. Whether you're Team Boys, or Team Girls, there's no denying that we'll still be watching reruns of Friends until the end of time.

Like the boys, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe all brought their own unique personalities to the table which made for some great laughs over the years. Like all best friends, they bicker and argue but they always come out the other end stronger and closer than ever.

Do you know Rachel, Monica and Phoebe as well as you think? Can you identify if the following statements about them are either true or false? If you are lucky enough to get 100% on this quiz then you have earned your spot as Friends' number one fan!

Let us know how you do in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. Rachel Has Kissed Both Monica And Phoebe

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