Friends Quiz: Ross, Chandler & Joey - True Or False

Can you avoid being ‘Bamboozled’?


When Friends first aired it introduced us to Ross, Chandler and Joey, and frankly, the rest was history. Instantly becoming one of the most recongnisable trios on the small screen, the bromance flourished and grew with every episode.

The defining feature that allowed the boys to grow the way that they did was that there was no definitive alpha. All three managed to bring something different to the table to create one of the most complex yet natural friendships on television. Mixing all of their traits into the blender that is a sitcom helped develop the friendship to end all other friendships – nothing else has come close since.

The natural chemistry between Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer can clearly be seen flowing through the characters and had led to a truly irreplaceable bond.

How well do you really know the stand out stars of Friends? Can you tell if the following is true or false of the most infamous Bromance on the silver screen?

Answers at the end!

1. Ross, Chandler & Joey Have Appeared In All But One Episode?


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