Friends Quiz: The Hardest Joey Tribbiani Questions On The Internet!

How will you DO on this quiz?

Friends Joey

When it comes to charming bachelors, equipped with a healthy dose of stupidity and a heart of gold, it’s fair to say no television character in history holds a candle to Joey Tribbiani.

The Italian American best bud of Chandler Bing, star of Days of Our Lives and adorer of food still possesses the ability to put a beaming smile on our faces a whopping 16 years on from the ending of hit sitcom Friends in 2004. 14 years if you want to throw his spin-off, Joey, into the conversation which ended in 2006. Yet, with all that water under the Tribbiani bridge, just how much do you remember about this sexy idiot?

Well, if you think you can proudly call yourself a Dr. Drake Ramoray raver and a chick and a duck die-hard, then why not put your Joey knowledge to the test in a quiz so hard, the man himself would struggle to get past question one… though that, admittedly, isn’t saying an awful lot.

Never fear, if you crash and burn or find yourself struggling, simply ask yourself; “How you doin’?” and the truth will find its way to you… that, or a meatball sub.

1. What Is The Name Of Joey’s Mother?


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