Friends Quiz: The HARDEST Rachel Green Quiz On The Internet

Take our HARDEST EVER FRIENDS quiz all about Rachel Green the internet has ever seen!

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Rachel Green... the 90s tv 'it girl' who every woman wanted to be and every man wanted to be with. Played with such vibrancy and life by the charismatic Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Green was easily the most fashionable Friends character and the one who typically ended up with the best storylines... her on and off romance with David Schwimmer's Ross Geller being the backbone of the whole saga.

More than most characters on the show, Rachel went through the biggest transformation from a rather naive and spoilt young woman at the beginning to the grounded, mature and career-focused mother the series ended on.

Over 236 episodes, of which Jennifer Aniston starred in every single one, Rachel was a hilarious character whose pride would so often get her into some truly memorable situations.

By now, Friends has been off our screens way longer than it was ever on our screens (though you wouldn't know it given how often the episodes are repeated in syndication worldwide and also on-demand on services like Netflix) but the show and Rachel Green has endured... and ready to be discovered by new viewers every year.

But despite how many times you have seen each and every episode, how much of Rachel Green do you actually remember?

Take our quiz to find out...

1. What Is Rachel’s Middle Name?


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