Friends Quiz: The HARDEST Rachel Green True Or False Questions

Rachel Green trivia. Could this Friends quiz BE any harder? Good luck getting 100%

Rachel Friends

Jennifer Aniston's remarkable portrayal of Rachel Green was not only unforgettable in terms of Friends but in truth, it was iconic in the whole of modern popular culture. She was the IT girl of the 90s, a style icon whose enviable hairstyle and fashion sense influenced a whole generation of women. Millions of young women around the world wanted to be her and millions of men wanted to date her... and surely they would have both settled to just be her friend.

Rachel's on and off romantic saga with David Schwimmer's geeky but charming character Ross Geller dominated most seasons (and in truth, individual episodes) of the show and pretty much became the modern archetype of a blossoming, slow-burning sitcom romance. Who would Pam and Jim in The Office be without Ross and Rachel? Or Jake and Amy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine? A Ross and Rachel saga became a thing all sitcoms required after Friends.

Appearing in all 236 episodes of the show across ten years and seasons, the question now becomes... how much do you truly remember about Rachel Green's life and shenanigans?

Be warned, only those who have watched each Friends episode a hundred times on Netflix should even think about attempting this Hardest Rachel Green True Or False quiz on the internet.

Remember all questions are looking for a True or False answer...

1. Rachel's Umbrella Fails To Open In Season 8's Opening Theme


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