Friends Quiz: The Hardest Ross Geller True Or False Questions!

Good luck achieving 100% on this HARDEST Ross Geller Friends quiz not even Rachel could answer.

Ross Friends

To many, Friends is the greatest show in the history of sitcom television.

Few series have ever struck a chord quite as well as the antics of those Central Perk-frequenting sorts in Friends, and there’s an extremely valid argument to say that Friends is even more popular now than it was when the show concluded nearly 17 years ago.

That series finale came back in 2004, and the re-runs shown in the subsequent years have continued to reiterate to just how much of a genuine powerhouse that Friends was and is – with it nearly impossible not to drop everything that you’re doing if you happen to stumble across Friends airing on one of the numerous channels across the globe.

While the core central six characters are obviously part of the charm of Friends, one character who often stands out to so many viewers is that of David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller. Part genius, part neurotic idiot, and forever an oft-failed romantic, Ross was never anything if not an entertaining watch across Friends’ ten-season run.

Think you remember the ins and outs of Ross’ Friends tenure, then? Here’s hoping so, for here’s a Ross Geller true or false quiz that even Rachel would struggle to do well on!

1. Ross Is A Fan Of The Golden Girls


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