Friends Quiz: The One All About Joey And Chandler

How well do you remember the best bromance on television?

Joey Chandler

Seventeen years have passed since NBC's chart-topping show Friends bid farewell, and its popularity hasn't gone down even the slightest. With the fan-favourite sitcom's arrival on streaming services, the show has become a global phenomenon.

While the credit goes to humour and exceptional writing, the unique relatable characters and their character dynamics have established an unbreakable bond with fans. And one dynamic duo that has been the fan-favourite since episode one is Chandler and Joey (J-Man and Channy).

From accidentally becoming roommates to the final awkward hug, their bromance is simply untouchable and has become a benchmark for other television bromances. The natural chemistry and genuine friendship these two characters portray has become the dream best friend scenario for fans across all age groups.

Joey and Chandler didn't share a resemblance in looks, but they shared the same heart, like two pieces cut from the same cloth, and it's impossible to imagine any two friends better suited for each other - the perfect yin to the other's yang.

And the question arises - how well do fans remember the two Bracelet buddies? Start practising your lame cool guy handshake and see how many you can answer in this all things Joey and Chandler.

1. In Which Season Did Joey Move Out And Buy A New Apartment?


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