Friends Quiz: The Progressively Harder Chandler Bing Quiz

Do you know everything there is to know about Chandler Bing? Let's find out!

Friends Chandler

Chandler Bing makes some of the biggest changes of all the Friends characters. When we first meet him, Chandler has a huge fear of commitment and is stuck in a job that he hates.

As the show goes on, we see how much Chandler grows. From struggling with any kind of commitment in relationships, Bing builds a loving marriage with Monica. The pair are desperately sad when they find out they can't have children. Even when Chandler's old fears come back when he finds out they are adopting twins, but thanks to Monica's help he embraces becoming a new father.

Although it takes moving to a different state, Chandler finally realises he doesn't want to be stuck in a job he hates forever. He embraces the opportunity to try advertising, discovering he has a talent and passion for the role.

Do you know everything there is to know about Chandler Bing? Only the biggest fans of Friends will be able to remember which of Joey's sisters Chandler kissed or know who went engagement ring shopping with Chandler.

This progressively harder quiz will test your knowledge on the Processing Manager-turned-Advertising Copywriter. Do you have what it takes to get 100% correct on this Chandler trivia quiz? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Which Actor Plays Chandler?


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