Friends Quiz: What Would Joey Choose?

What would Dr. Drake Ramoray prefer?

Friends Joey

The young Italian-American actor, the funniest and the hottest guy of the gang, Joey Tribbiani is one of the absolute best-loved characters in our all-time favourite sitcom.

All handsome and eventually quite well-off, this guy lacks just a tiny little trait to win over all the women out there. Well, let's say he's not the most intelligent guy you'll meet. But that doesn't really stand in his way of sweeping most of the ladies off their feet with just a simple "how you doin'?".

Still, you can't help but wonder whether he's lived his life in one of the outstanding megapolises in the world or in a cave. Moreover, a terrible actor as he is, this guy still manages to get jobs. Selfish and lazy, he also has the best friends one can ever wish for. With all these, Joey is one lucky guy with a character that does deserve all the nice things he takes for granted. Now, let's see how well you know Joey, the most incredible roommate and the worst guy to date.

1. What Would Joey Choose?


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