Friends Quiz: What Would You Do If You Were Chandler?

The One Where You Think Like Mr. Big.

Friends Chandler Bing

The character of Chandler Bing, brought to life by Matthew Perry, is often thought of as the most sarcastic character in television history. With his wittiness and hilarious and sarcastic jokes, he definitely stole the show. There is no doubt, Perry did an outstanding job making Chandler the icon he is.

Chandler had a charming and zany personality. He screwed up and made mistakes, however he was always apologetic and willing to learn from his mistakes. He constantly supported Joey through his financial struggles, Ross and Rachel through their breakup, and maintained Monica through every high maintenance need she had.

While many noticed his failed and found attempts at romance, sarcastic humour, good looks, and awkward friendships, there are some things that even diehard fans may never have known about Chandler Muriel Bing. But what about you? On a scale of casual viewer to obsessed Friends fan, where do you stand?

Do you think you know all about the Chan-Chan Man? Well, it’s time to think like Chandler and ace this quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. What Would You Dress Up As For Halloween?


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