Friends Quiz: Which Characters Did These Celebrities Portray?

You probably remember the celebs name, but what about their character?

Friends Erika

The situational comedy format has a vast array of tropes that keep the genre running, and celebrity guest spots are one of the absolute best. This is why it's always exciting to see one of your favourite stars of the stage and screen enter the sitcom you are watching. Their arrival can bring a burst of star power or act as a fun change-up from the ensemble cast you're used to.

Everyone can agree it's a blast, but one issue comes with the ever-popular celebrity cameo, which is that you associate the characters more with their actors than who they really are. This is something you saw a lot in Friends, as anytime a star entered the screen, it was difficult to picture them as anyone but their celebrity counterpart.

There have been some stellar performances from Friends guests, but it's far more likely that you'll refer to their scenes as "the one with Winona Ryder or Brad Pitt" than who they actually played.

So, let's see if you can look past the blinding Hollywood lights and get into the nitty gritty underneath by figuring out what characters these famous actors played.

1. Anna Faris


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