Friends Quiz: Which Of Ross' Love Interests Said It?!

The Divorce Force sure had his way with the ladies!

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Friends was a sitcom so densely packed with love interests, you could easily forget most of them. Each main character was loaded with romantic partners, leading to a wide variety of relationships, comedic set-ups and dramatic moments. But, of all the Friends, Ross had one of the strongest "Ross"ters.

This isn't too surprising, as you don't end up garnering nicknames like "The Divorce Force" or "Ross The Divorcer" for no reason. He was a charming, funny and likeable person, so he tended to attract people of the same ilk. Sure, things often didn't work out for him, but he was clearly a catch. The thing is, with so many romantic entanglements, how can you remember them all?

Sometimes you'll be sitting around, and you'll randomly remember something your ex might have said, and it's an odd experience - especially when you can't quite put your finger on which ex. So, in the case of Ross, let's see if you can do the leg work for him.

Within all of his relationships came a slew of hilarious/memorable quotes. If you can pinpoint who said which one, then you're an expert on Ross' love life.

Answers at the end!

1. “Well, Maybe I Don’t Need Your Money. Wait, Wait! I Said, ‘Maybe.’”


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