Friends Quiz: Which Of These Guest Characters Said It?

Delving into the endless list of guest stars on this iconic sitcom...

Friends Sandra Green

Considered one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, it's no wonder that Friends attracted so many guest stars from across the globe at the height of its popularity.

Dozens of celebrities, be they starting in their careers or major Hollywood players, appeared on this iconic sitcom throughout its ten-season run. Whether they were just big fans of the show, or were actually in a relationship with one of the main cast members at the time, the level of talent that the showrunners managed to bring in remains pretty impressive even by today's standards.

Some of these guest stars found themselves gifted with a recurring role through multiple seasons of the show, while others were given a more limited part with either a single cameo or episode, but still made their mark.

So with that in mind, can you decipher which of these guest stars said what during their time on the show, whether they be playing themselves or a fictional character? It's harder than you might think - there's a quite a lot of people to choose from, after all...

1. "Your Parents Flipped A Coin, Decided That Rachel Was A Girl, But You Still Had A Hint Of A Penis."


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