Friends Quiz: Which Sister Said It?

Competitive, spoiled and Green with envy - but is it Rachel, Jill or Amy?


It's not easy, being Green... well, actually it's not that hard. When Daddy's a high-priced cardiologist and vascular surgeon and you grew up rich on Long Island, you end up more spoiled than milk that's been left out in the sun.

Still, Rachel, Jill and Amy Green have their issues, mostly based around trying to get by without credit cards and an allowance. Of the three, Rachel is by far the smartest and most capable, while Jill (played by Reese Witherspoon) is thoughtless, shallow and a bit of a brat and Amy (Christina Applegate) is thoughtless, shallow and mean as a snake.

So how big a Friends fan are you? Can you remember which Green sister said what - or can you figure it out based on the quote? Answers at the end...

1. "See, This Is What I Wanted. Two Sisters Talking About Real Stuff."


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