Friends Quiz: Who Am I - Chandler, Joey Or Ross?

Friends Quiz - Which of the boys is it?

Friends Quiz

As we approach 17 years since Friends aired its final ever episode, the show remains just as popular now as it ever was during its ten-season run.

Thanks to re-runs constantly airing across the globe, it’s rare that you can turn on your TV and not find Friends airing on at least one channel. And to the series’ credit, the jokes, emotion and all-round entertainment factor of Friends still ticks all of the right boxes nearly two decades after the show concluded.

Key to the continued success of the series, of course, is the excellent writing and phenomenal characters of Friends. To hone in on the males of Friends’ core crew, so many memorable moments were shared by the trio of Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing, Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribiani.

While these three characters had their own quirks and were often so different, they also shared certain similarities as Friends careered through its ten-year run. How well can you tell your Chandler from your Joey, your Joey from your Ross, and your Ross from your Chandler, though?

Ahead of you are facts about one of this trio of characters – all you have to do is correctly identify which Friend each fact applies to!

1. I’m Half Scottish.


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