Friends Quiz: Who Asked It - Ross Or Joey?

How well do you remember the triple date of Ross and Joey?

Friends Ross Joey

The TV series Friends is still considered one of the most successful sitcoms in the world's cinematography history, despite the fact that many of our generation can find it predictable at times. However, we do believe that only few would imagine that Chandler and Monica would have ended up together, or that Joey would have found himself in the middle of the oh-so-meant-to-be relationship of Rachel and Ross.

In fact Rachel is not the only woman the two friends fell for. Those who remember the episode The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress already know that we are talking about Kristen. Oh wow, what a beautiful name! What is it again?

The scene of the catfight between V.D. Boy and the Gel Boy over the girl who moved in right across the street was hilarious. No matter how hard the guys tried to make it work by setting rules and spending limits, they lost her around gonorrhea, but we enjioyed the love triangle as much as Chandler did.

Well, let’s see how well you remember the questions that were asked to get to Kristen and to make the opponent miserable. Match the question to the beloved character.

Answers at the end!

1. "You Uh, Moving In Or Moving Out?"


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