Friends Quiz: Who Dated Them - Joey, Ross Or Chandler?

A who's who of girlfriends. Can you remember which of the guys they dated?


Friends is a much loved mainstay of television in a lot of people's lives. Even after 16 years the right to air the show is a valuable commodity due to its loyal fan base. It propelled the careers of the main cast into the stratosphere with each member remaining a household name today and with HBO Max screening a cast reunion later this year, talks of one final comeback persist as fans are really keen to see what their favourite characters are getting up to now.

As a show about 6 companions in their mid-twenties, Friends was bound to include a lot of dating. In fact, it's a show that is pretty much centred around the group's dating lives and therefore included a revolving door of boyfriends and girlfriends coming in and, often swiftly, out of the picture. The dating scene in Friends changed fast and often with some dates only sticking around for one episode.

Each of them left an impression on the gang though and we want to see if you were paying attention. Can you remember who dated these girls?

Answers at the end!

1. Katie


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