Friends Quiz: Who Dated Them - Ross, Joey Or Both?

Were these women wooed by 'The Divorce Force', a simple 'How you doin?'?

Friends Joey Ross

Despite being very different in their approaches to dating, it's incredible how many relationships Ross and Joey have had between them throughout the course of Friends' run.

On the one hand, Joey is the full womaniser of the group, a lover of casual romances and one-night stands who doesn't really let feelings stand in the way of him having a good time. On the other, Ross sees himself as a total romantic, initially dedicated to one person at a time, a lover of marriage and pursuing a serious relationship with intense love, even if some of his behaviour (certainly in later seasons) comes across as a little controlling and belittling.

Regardless of their approaches though, both have a pretty long list of romances through the show's ten seasons, whether they be full on marriages, or casual appearances from A-list guest stars. But how well can you remember which of the pair dated who during their time? And which of these women decided to have a go with both of these characters at some point in the show?

If you can get all of these right, you've been paying very close attention...

1. Who Dated Kathy?


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