Friends Quiz: Who Did Chandler Bing Say It To?

Could this quiz be any funnier?

Chandler Bing Friends

It’s been 17 years since Friends aired its final episode and the gang bid adieu to their completely overpriced, unrealistically large New York City apartment and left fans with a gaping hole in their hearts. What made Friends stand apart from so many other shows was the incredible chemistry between the six main characters.

Although all of them were a treasure, there is one whose humour stood out among his friends: Matthew Perry’s Chandler. Every Friends fan knows that Chandler is the sarcastic, awkward, and yet loving comedic-relief of the show.

Underneath his jokey exterior, he’s vulnerable and plagued with self-doubt in ways that feel totally true to life. However, throughout the series, Chandler’s character definitely opens up. It is mostly a result of his relationship with Monica as she showed him that he was already great.

With a job no one quite understood, a sarcastic quip for every situation, hilarious Chandler was the kind of friend to help you up when you fell but also to laugh at your bruised bum the rest of the day.

Chandler played host to many of the show’s hilarious, unforgettable, and simply iconic moments, from hysterical one-liners to incredible visual gags. So without further noise let’s remember the funniest, quirkiest and most sarcastic Chandler Bing quotes. Can you guess who did he say these lines to?

Answers at the end!

1. “I've Got A Carton Of Milk In My Refrigerator I've Had A Longer Relationship With."


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