Friends Quiz: Who Did It - Chandler, Monica Or Both?

Was it Ms. Chanandler Bong Or Ms. Hot Shot Chef ?

Friends Chandler Monica

Whenever people discuss Friends, there's a good chance that the focal point remains Ross and Rachel's will-they-or-won't-they romance or Joey and Chandler's #BFF bromance. But there's another dynamic duo that possesses the friendship of Joey and Chandler and the fairytale romance of Ross and Rachel. Yes, we're talking about Mondler.

Chandler and Monica's story started on Thanksgiving 1987 as they became two of the closest friends and finally turned into one of the most enviable TV couples of the twenty-first century.

Before their romantic involvement, Chandler was an insecure goofy man-child, and Monica was a bit too controlling, but as their story progressed, fans got to witness one of the most authentic kinds of love unfold. They both managed to love themselves and fell equally hard for each other.

Being able to goof around with each other, looking at each other's flaws and weird habits as an attraction, sticking through the rough times and doing everything it takes to make up for a mistake, Chandler and Monica proved time and again that loving your best friend is the coolest thing. Isn't this love story the one we all dream about?

Now that we've established that we all dearly love Mondler, here's a fun quiz to celebrate their romantic and equally hilarious dynamic. Can you remember if the following were the actions of Chandler or Monica, or if it's something they both did?

1. Who Had Sex In London?


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