Friends Quiz: Who Did It - Ross, Chandler Or Joey?

Which of the boys did each of these things...


You might already know exactly what the main Friends characters SAID at any one time, because they're so irresistibly quotable and you've seen the episodes hundreds of times. But remembering actions are harder than words, particularly when they aren't slogans so funny you'd want them on T-shirts.

Still, you know these characters. You know their poor life choices and everything that makes them tick and if you're any sort of friend, you'll remember the major life events and the tiny moments that led Ross, Chandler and Joey to where they ended up on that happy-sad final episode so long ago.

We watched them grow from a geeky dork, a womaniser and an awkward dweeb to... erm... well, they were still those things in the end, but they had wives and children and Joey was Joey and that's why we loved them all.

So how much do you really remember about the gang?

Answers at the end!

1. Once Took Phoebe's Friend Sarah On A Date. It Didn't End Well.


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