Friends Quiz: Who Did It - Ross, Joey Or Chandler?

Get 100% on this quiz and you're the ultimate Friends genius!

Friends Quiz

What would Friends have been, perhaps, without our three favourite guys?

Chandler, Joey and Ross each brought their own distinctive quirks and personalities to this iconic sitcom over its ten season run, making us laugh again and again (with the occasional teary moment thrown in for good measure). From Chandler's hit-and-miss levels of wit to Joey's hilarious naivety, from Ross's romantic woes to the ultimate bromance of the show (you know who this author's talking about), these are characters we love to watch over and over when we get the chance.

Each of these three people were very unique, and each got their own time to shine throughout Friends' run, whether that be in the form of Ross's new relationship, Chandler's feelings for Monica brewing to the surface, or Joey's eventual (and desired) success as a soap actor.

So with that in mind, how good's your memory of each of these three famous characters? Could you tell which of the three got up to what during their time on the show? If you can get all of these right, then you couldn't BE anymore of a Friends fan!

1. Who Is The Last Person In The Gang To Find Out About Rachel's Pregnancy?


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