Friends Quiz: Who Did It To Joey Tribbiani?

You'll need to have a near-encyclopedia knowledge of Joey's life to ace this quiz!

Friends Joey

Soon enough it'll be two decades since Friends aired its final ever episode - at once a terrifying reminder of the passage of time and proof of the legendary sitcom's enduring power even as eras come and go.

Everyone's got their favourite of the six main characters - the relatably neurotic Monica, the relentlessly sarcastic Chandler, the delightfully oddball Phoebe, and so on, but there's a strong argument to be made that Joey Tribbiani consistently mustered the biggest laughs.

A loveable oaf whose heart was (usually) in the right place despite his penchant for mischief, Joey was responsible for so many of the show's most iconic moments, whether purely a result of his own actions or something that was inflicted upon him by somebody else.

You'll need to have a near-encyclopedia knowledge of Joey's life and times across ten seasons and 236 episodes to get anywhere close to 100% on this deviously tricky quiz.

Also be sure to double-check your answers before submitting, because some of them aren't quite as obvious as they might at first appear.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. I Had A Crush On Joey When We First Met.


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