Friends Quiz: Who Did Joey Tribbiani Say It To?

Could you BE taking a tougher quiz?

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Despite giving us Chandler Bing's quippy, sarcastic one-liners and Phoebe Buffay's mysterious, whimsical wisdom, there was no character on Friends who gave us as many instantly iconic lines as Joey Tribbiani.

It's truly an impressive feat when you consider how often the man spent trying to block his vocal capabilities via busting out forks and eating everything in sight.

But even when Joey isn't trying his hardest to catch a diabetes diagnosis before turning 35, the man possesses one more very crucial personality trait that'll likely keep Joey Tribbiani's name in conversation for many years to come - stupidity.

Could Joey BE any dumber? We're seriously asking here, the man once spelled "PLEH" with sticks so that helicopters would be able to read "HELP" from the sky...

Whether they be related to cuisine or intelligence, there's plenty of classic Tribbiani quotables to keep reciting without failure of drawing a laugh or two. So, to the most hardcore Friends fans out there, who did Joey say the following lines to?

1. "We Might Have To Repopulate The World."


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